How to get consistent sales from Instagram - even if you never know what to post!

Circle of IMPACT

Hafsa, Sign me up!

Hey struggling instagammer, you've heard about Instagram and how they can bring in a tons of sales.

But you never seem to get sales on Instagram. In fact, you don't even know what to post!

Selling feels just so yucky and slimy! Ugh - wish it was easier. 

Don't know how to sell on Instagram? "I'm just not business savvy" you hear yourself..

Struggling with what to post? "I don't want to post my personal life" you're thinking 

You feel like you're wasting time on Instagram. No one's buying from you or even commenting..

I feel the pain..

It really sucks right?


😍 Your followers can't get enough of your posts stories!

🤯 Every time you share your product - they are jumping to buy it right away. 

♥️♥️ LOTS OF SALES =  you get to spend more time with your kids - no more fussing or scrolling hours on Instagram. 

🥰 FINALLY - Posting on Instagram feels FUN and EFFORTLESS!

♥️ Having fun and making money is a WIN WIN - Don't know you think? NO MORE GUESSWORK 😃

🤯 OMG your feed look beautiful too! You are so so proud 😍

How AWESOME would that be!!! 

And THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO when you master marketing on Instagram.

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Salam, I'm Hafsa!

With over 30,000 engaged followers on Instagram, I want to share my Signature Formula to increase visibility,  and convert followers to customers..

From $0 to five figures from my handmade gifts business - I will show the step by step process -

I went from selling $3 greeting cards to quitting my successful IT career and making a full time income through my handmade gifts.

As a Certified NLP Practitioner, selling and serving are my jam.

Introducing ....

Circle of IMPACT 

..a Instagram Marketing membership for Muslim Women.

A membership is a community of like-minded women supporting one another while learning proven strategies to grow your business.

My goal for you is that you grow and scale your small business into a brand which is known around the world, making an impact and touching their customer’s hearts <3

I created Circle of IMPACT because I know your struggles, I’ve been myself.

You need someone to hold your hand, share their proven Instagram strategies - so you can do what you love.

You want someone to tell you how to get sales instantly without wasting any time!

You want accountability and support - being in business is so lonely! I get it trust me.

Exactly why I created Circle of IMPACT - so get in now!

I'm in, Hafsa!

What's Included in Circle of IMPACT

As a member of Circle of IMPACT, you get:

  1. Access to Instagram Success Program ( $397 value) - The Framework I used to grow my handmade business to making a full time income.
  2. Library of NEW Strategies and Masterclasses, including:
    1. Plan your monthly Instagram content in 15 mins or less.
    2. How to Launch Anything 
    3. My DM Strategy that got me $1200 order.
    4. Instant Sales with Instagram Stories.
    5. Host an IG LIVE Market (one of our members made $1750 in under an hour!)
  3. New masterclass every month.
  4. Monthly Live Coaching Call
  5. access to a private community - Work through your struggles with other women in the same boat as you.

My friend, it's decision time. I know how frustrating it is when you don't know what to post on Instagram. 

It does not have to be this way.

What if Instagram could feel SO EASY and effortless? And FUN! That's right...

You spend a lot of time and effort  on your products - now you can share it with the world using Instagram!

Click the button below and sign up now - and you'll get INSTANT access to the membership..

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Hafsa, I'm in!
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