How to get consistent sales from Instagram - even if you never know what to post!

Circle of IMPACT

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Hey struggling Instagammer, you've heard about Instagram and how they can bring in a tons of sales.

But you never seem to get sales on Instagram. In fact, you don't even know what to post!

Selling feels just so yucky and slimy! Ugh - wish it was easier. 

Don't know how to sell on Instagram? "I'm just not business savvy" you hear yourself..

Struggling with what to post? "I don't want to post my personal life" you're thinking 

You feel like you're wasting time on Instagram. No one's buying from you or even commenting..

I feel the pain..

It really sucks right?


😍 Your followers can't get enough of your posts and Stories!

🤯 Every time you share your products - they are jumping to buy it right away. 

♥️♥️ LOTS OF SALES =  you get to spend more time with your kids - no more fussing or scrolling for hours on Instagram. 

♥️ Having fun and making money is a WIN WIN - Don't know you think? NO MORE GUESSWORK 😃

🤯 OMG your feed looks beautiful too! You are so so proud 😍

🥰 FINALLY - Posting on Instagram feels FUN and EFFORTLESS!

How AWESOME would that be!!! 

And THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO when you master marketing on Instagram.

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Salam, I'm Hafsa!

With 33,000 engaged followers on Instagram, I want to share my Signature Formula to increase visibility,  and convert followers to customers..

How I went from selling $3 greeting cards to quitting a successful IT career and making a full time income through my handmade gifts.

After struggling to sell - and not making much progress in my business, I learned to practice self love, appreciate the value of my products - because you can't ask others (my customers) for something you can't give yourself and overcame the fear of failure.

I learned that in order to grow a business, we must go through an inner growth journey. We need to let go of the limiting beliefs, the fears and the idea of playing small. 

I created Circle of IMPACT program to teach my PROVEN STRATEGIES and also emphasize the mindset work. This is something that a lot of other business coaches fail to address.

Introducing ....

Circle of IMPACT 

..a Instagram Marketing membership for Muslim Women.

A membership is a community of like-minded women supporting one another while learning proven strategies to grow your business.

My goal for you is to create a brand which is known around the world, making an impact and touching your customer’s hearts <3

I created Circle of IMPACT because I know your struggles, I’ve been there myself.

You need someone to share their proven Instagram strategies - so you can do what you love.

You want someone to tell you how to get sales instantly without wasting any time!

You want accountability and support - being in business is so lonely! I get it, trust me.

Exactly why I created Circle of IMPACT - so get in now!

Let's do this

Instagram Success Framework is for you if you want to..

  • attract your dream customers,
  • create consistent intentional content without wasting time
  • get repeat sales from Instagram  

Even if you are not business-savvy, or don't want to share your personal life with the world! 


If Social media overwhelms you, then you are like Circle of IMPACT, member, Kiran. Here's what said,


"I was completely stuck when it came to social media- no idea how to go about it, and it certainly doesn't come naturally to me as it does some people. but I realised it had the potential to be a means of effective advertising if used correctly, and so I turned to Hafsa's Instagram training, which alhamdulillah taught me the basics as well as the tricks of the trade to be able to build a strategy and see success!!!!"


In Circle of IMPACT, YOU get access to.. 

  • Monthly Instagram Strategy Masterclasses
  • Guest Experts on Marketing
  • Monthly LIVE Content Planning working sessions
  • Instagram Audits.
  • unlimited Q+A in the private Facebook group with AMAZING women to help you get unstuck
Say YES now!
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I'm in, Hafsa!

What's Included:

As a member of Circle of IMPACT, you get:

  1. Access to ABCD Instagram Success Framework you can use to grow your business to making a full time income.
  2. Library of NEW Strategies and Masterclasses, including:
    1. Plan your monthly Instagram content in 15 mins or less.
    2. How to Launch Anything 
    3. My DM Strategy that can get you orders of $1000+ value.
    4. Instagram Stories that Sell mini-course
    5. Host an IG LIVE Market (one of our members made $1745 in under an hour!)
  3. New masterclass every month.
  4. Monthly Live Coaching Call & Instagram Audit Hot Seat
  5. Monthly Instagram Content Planning session
  6. Access to a private community - Work through your struggles with other women in the same boat as you.

If Yosra, Kiran and Shazia can... So can you.

Yosra, a homeschooling mom, and entrepreneur, was spending literally thousands of dollars a year on Facebook ads with very little return. 

But she decided to work with me....where she said,

(Hafsa’s Training) is the best money I have ever spent on my business. I have made back what I have spent within months alhamdullillah.

It worked for Yosra, and it can work for you too.

Kiran, a creative entrepreneur, felt overwhelmed with social media, but she knew how powerful Instagram could be for her business.. so ...

"I turned to Hafsa's Instagram training, which alhamdulillah taught me the basics AND the tricks of the trade to be able to build a strategy and see success!!!!"

So you see no spamming, so unethical sale-sy stuff. Genuine marketing with the intention to serve and help your customer!

Shazia, working full time and taking care of her family, was overwhelmed. Pulled in a million directions, she didn't know which way to go with her business.

So she decided to follow Sell on Instagram Live Masterclass - step by step, and just by presenting for an hour, she made $1750!

Within Circle of IMPACT, you will find only the strategies that work.

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I was feeling very overwhelmed balancing my personal, professional and student life. I started an Instagram page to push party and home decor business. However, I was feeling discouraged with the lack of content, marketing, and sales.

Circle of IMPACT gave me the confidence to post without any fear. I learnt how to take better pictures, use a more efficient caption, hashtags and even how to use storys more effectively. 

Joining Circle of IMPACT is definitely worth the money! I have learnt so much already and still have so much to learn! Hafsa's tips and masterclasses are everything! There is also a great community of women who are also in similar situations as yourself and are ready to celebrate your wins and advise your losses. 

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Heba, @Muslim.memories

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My friend, it's decision time.

I'm not here to persuade you to join this membership.

Because when all is said and done, I want a group of committed and highly passionate women that bring so much energy to the group. You have to be ready to take action. 

Is this something you want to invest to create a FULFILLED YOU? The one that brings JOY to the family - because you're full of joy and happiness!

Click the button below and sign up now - and you'll get INSTANT access to the membership..

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Hafsa, I'm in!
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