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Business + Mindset Coaching


About Hafsa Taher 

I started Hafsa Creates during one of the crucial times of my life. Up to that point in my life, I did everything that a perfect girl would do. A 4.0 GPA graduate, successful career as a Business Analyst, an active member of the community - a perfect REEL life. [Can you relate to this?]

But in REAL life, I was struggling with low self esteem and keeping up with others' expectations of me. Running a business taught me how to let go of limiting beliefs I had about success, self worth and perfectionism. 

Over the five years, I went from selling $3 greeting cards to quitting my successful IT career and making a full time income through my handmade gifts.

I learned to practice self love, appreciate the value of my products and overcame the fear of failure. 

I realized - in order to grow a business, we must go through an inner growth journey. We need to let go of the limiting beliefs, the fears and the idea of playing small. 

As a Business Coach, I teach PROVEN marketing strategies in my coaching, AND I work on mindset and beliefs at the same time. This is something that a lot of other business coaches fail to address.

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